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Sky Ferreira anuncia nova música, “Downhill Lullaby”


Depois de 6 anos de seu último álbum lançado, “Night Time, My Time”, Sky Ferreira finalmente anunciou o lançamento de nova música. O anúncio foi feito na sua conta do Instagram, onde a capa da faixa foi divulgada.


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“Downhill Lullaby” será lançado no dia 27 de março, após anos de promessas de novas músicas. Em 2015, “Guardian” seria lançada, mas o projeto foi cancelado depois de “conflitos de agenda e problemas de saúde.”

No ano seguinte, Sky divulgou o lançamento de um novo álbum. Apenas em 2018, ela postou uma nota em seu Instagram esclarecendo a situação junto com um pedido de desculpas . “Me desculpem por ter ficado tanto tempo quieta sobre tudo (eu pensei que não tinha muita opção). Prometo que vou explicar os últimos anos em breve”, disse.



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Regram @sandycandykim I am just waiting for the official official official beyond the point of no return release date before I officially announce my single(s) due timing for others involved & the process of the release or whatever. All I can say is that it is FINALLY happening .I’m sorry for being so quiet about everything (I thought I didn’t have much of a choice ) no more gag & bind. I promise I’ll explain the last few years soon. Thanks for the support…despite all infinite set backs…but this has happened before so I can 10000 percent say with certainty that it will not be compromised & it’s honest & will show the work I’ve put into all of it since my last album. Hopefully some progress lol. No tropical vacations (UNFORTUNATELY) & sunshine,rainbows,eat pray love maxing relaxing laying back legs reclined arms behind my head break for me in between these albums. I would just like to clarify for some: my silence should not be confused for negligence. I deeply care & put everything I have into my music. Including all of my earnings 👀 I won’t put out something that I don’t stand by or the bare minimum. Live/Learn Succeed/Fail Fly/Burn is fine either way as long as I’m the one responsible for it. Anytime I have ever said anything about music being released because I was lead to believe it was happening too. Unfortunate (some absurd) circumstances that were beyond my reach kept it from happening. It is my fault for not saying something sooner & letting it all repeat itself. Stick to your guns. You’re not crazy,dumb, or powerless. You’re beyond “capable”. Trust yourself. ~don’t let the suckers drag you down aka obliterate your self esteem~ do as I say, not as I do lol excited for you to hear the new songs Hell is overrated & have a lovely day. C u very soon on the ✨✨✨✨other side Xx Sky

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Agora é acalmar os corações e esperar pelo lançamento da nova música na semana que vem.